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Intro to the talented team here.
Aleksandra Ciecielag-Floto, PhD

Born and raised in Warsaw, she moved to Orlando in 2015; however, she has maintained professional relationships with Poland for the next several years. She received a PhD in Social Science from the University of Warsaw in January 2020 for a dissertation dedicated to the role of local activists in creating memory narratives in Central Florida. She completed a postgraduate program of the Polish Language Pedagogy at the Polish Language Institute of the University of Warsaw in 2013. This is where she had an opportunity to first work with international students who were learning Polish. 

Joanna Nazario Grzechowiak, MA
Joanna has been teaching for as long as she can remember, beginning with her younger siblings and continuing until this day. Outside of teaching at the Polish School, Joanna is a Humanities Professor at Valencia College. She has an eclectic educational background, including a Master's Degree in History of Culture from Nicolaus Copernicus University, as well as subsequent courses in literature, mythology, philosophy, gender studies, computer programming, environmental studies, and acting, which she pursued in Sweden and the United States.

Sylwia Kokot-Martin, MA

Sylwia was born in Toruń, Poland but has lived in the States since 1995, and for the past 17 years, she’s been an Orlando resident. As an undergraduate student at the Foreign Language Teacher Training College in Poland, she started teaching Polish to Peace Corps volunteers.
For her graduate degree in English she moved to the States. She’s been teaching English and Polish for over 20 years.

Weronika Artica, MA

Weronika was born in a small town named Darłowo in Northern Poland. In 2004, she and her family moved to Gdynia where she grew up enjoying the outdoors and living the city life. In 2016, she graduated and obtained a master's degree from the University of Gdańsk, majoring in pedagogy and educator of resocialization. During those 5 years of studying, she worked in daycares, juvenile jails and dance schools. She found the experience very rewarding. In fact, it helped her realize that she loves working with children and wants to do it full time.